IRD Mechanalysis

IRD Mechanalysis Limited founded in 1955 in Columbus, Ohio is a global Condition Monitoring Solutions provider . We provide a range of solutions for Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Correction for critical machinery in manufacturing and service organizations. Vibration measurement service is also a part of our solution wherein we also provide Thermography and Wear Particle Analysis services along with Vibration Monitoring.

Our Products range from simple Vibration meters and bearing checkers to sophisticated vibration analyzers & vibration data collection & site balancing instruments. On the protection monitoring side, once again we have a wide range from Loop powered Velometers, Loop powered Vibration Transmitter to sophisticated microprocessor based API 670 compliant Vibration Protection Monitors.

We are popularly known as ‘The Vibration People’ and can solve your problems and satisfy your condition monitoring needs.


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